Opera Browser is the Absolute Best


Well you all may remember I said I was trying all the browsers to find the best. I went through

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apples Safari

I used them back and forth and upgraded each of them as needed, and switched off now and then. I don’t know how many months but they sure got their turn at getting worked out. I would like to settle on Google Chrome because it’s the fastest by a mile. While using (highly sophisticated timing tests)  counting 1001 1002 to myself most browsers were up around 10 or more .Chrome loads before you can say 1001. It can run this fast because it doesn’t have many features at all which is kind of nice too. I really like not having 7 toolbars in the way.

That brings me to the worst and slowest Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. With all the toolbars it wants on there, there isn’t much screen left for browsing. and it is cryingly slow. Counting 1001, 1002 I got clear to 1017 before I saw it come on screen. That is shameful. That is un called for. I can’t believe it’s that slow. It’s a click start and go get coffee program. I can’t do those.

It’s the Opera Browser which is by far the best browser you can get out of all of them. They fixed the only problem that was holding me back. That was a problem with uploading pics and stuff on sites. It now works and so this is now my browser. It is so awesome it’s unreal why everybody isn’t using it. It has those Mouse Gestures (Right Click  Drag left  Let off) and it navigates Back. Do it to the right and it Navigates Forward. There are a bunch of these Gestures for doing all kinds of things. Once you get used to these Gestures it’s so natural that you’ll find yourself doing it everywhere and wishing all your apps had it. I’m not using Voice but it has Voice Control for everything imaginable. It has built in Email which I’m using now that really is nice. It’s in the browser, but it isn’t no webpage crap like Hot Mail in the browser. It’s like Outlook Express built in to the browser. It’s an actual application. You can send Opera down to the tray by the clock so that it’s gone and out of the way and it will notify you of new mail. (Awesome!) Then when you need it to browse, it’s instant. No more click a link in your email and wait 5 minutes for the browser to load. It’s just there right after you click. (Unbelievable!) In fact if your using it for email then when you click a link in your email another tab is just added to the right and your already there. Even If you use another email program it pops up so fast when you click a link  you wont have time to get a drink of your coffee.

It has so much I can’t begin to try and tell it all, but I can mention it has

Notes (like those note programs for keeping notes and its all integrated beautifully with email, blogs everything)
Widgets (little features you can add to do most anything) I have one that lets me put a ruler on the screen, good for graphics measurements)
Download Manager
Synchronize (everything can be available on any computer on any browser, all your bookmarks, history, I don’t know what all)
Password Manager
Form fill in
Error console
Java Console
Developer Tools (OMG It’s got Dragonfly an awesome Developers Tools to see website source code and styles and everything about how they did it)

And so much more……

I would recommend everybody get this browser and try it. Look at the documentation and you’ll see what I mean. It has it all. The Documentation is very well laid out and not at all over whelming. It seems easy to read up on whatever feature you want and then don’t read the others till later and your fine. You can browse away and worry about reading parts as you want to learn more features, not all at once before using it.

By the way, the program itself is laid out so beautifully and clean. With all those features you would think you would be overwhelmed. Not so at all. It’s just like the documentation, it’s so well laid out it just seems intuitive. Oh and the looks, it’s so fresh looking, like looking at the header of the email and the person who sent it, you hover your mouse over there name and their name becomes a button with a dropdown arrow. You just automatically know that clicking it will give you a menu of choices, you don’t even wonder for a second, if you click it, What is going to happen!

Just try it as a browser and do more as you go. I didn’t think I would want to use the email in it cause OE is so fast, well when I saw that it can sit in the Tray by the clock, that’s all it took, now it loads faster than OE. So it hooked me there too. Oh ya and of course it’s FREE.


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