Cut your Wrist

Hey, you ever cut your wrist, and then change your mind?

Easy fix!

Just cut your arm off. It seems to be OK if you are missing an entire arm. The only time your screwed is when you cut your wrist! If you cut your arm off, it seems that you can even walk to far away safety!


Cheap Spell Check

My spell check in email would not get the word ‘exaggerating’. I don’t know if it was in a link, or quote, or what but a nice quick spell check can be done using your browser address bar. I typed exadurating and it very graciously asked “Do you mean Exaggerating?” Now that’s a nice cheap and fast Spell check!!!

Faster Desktop

My Desktop – In Windows 7, I have found a better way to keep my Desktop. Take everything off your desktop and put it in a folder named “My Desktop”. Open it and then right click on Favorites in Explorer (Left Hand Panel – Top) and “Add Current Location”. Now instead of Minimizing 6 or 7 windows to get to the things you need on your desktop, you simple open explorer and click My Desktop, and there’s everything that you put on your desktop, so that it was handy, only now, it really is handy!