9-11 Retards

I am so glad I’m not retarded as to think that our country or Israel and our country had anything to do with the tragedies of 9-11. Can you even imagine being that stupid? I can’t believe that our country could even bread a retard like that. What kind of inbreed do you need to be to come up with stupidity like that. Is your sister your mom, or your brother your dad? I mean seriously, something is wrong with those people!

I would think that maybe they just hit their head one too many times, but there’s no way that many idiots could be banging their heads into stupidity like that, and at that rate! Too many idiots for that to be an explanation! So then I’m still at a quandary? What could make people so stupid, of course I mean besides the normal stupidity of idiots that we all have to deal with from day to day.

What could make so many retards in such a short time?

And then it hit me! I found the answer. 9-11 didn’t make these people retarded, they were already stupid, they just needed something to jump on! Stupid, Idiot, Retarded people! 


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