If your woman got skinny!

If your woman that you have been with for several years and put on some normal weight, you know we all do a little, but of course she put on a bit much but you put up with that and over look it and love her to pieces, starts loosing tonnage dramatically and you think maybe something is wrong with her, so your worried, well you better bet your sweat ass there is something wrong with her, she’s screwing another man! You can bet your ass at this point! She lost all that weight trying to get with the maintenance man. The poor stupid maintenance man doesn’t have enough brains to realize when your with a married woman, she’s not real faithful! Ass hole, And to know she lost all that weight to get with him, and now she’s put every bit of it and more back on, and on the back side. he he, and if she does it again (Well I think that’s a give in) of course she’s going to sleep with someone else! she’s going to explode by the time she gets with the third pool man or Lawn boy, or whatever she decides to get with next, if there’s a sucker, and there usually is, Guys are stupid! Thank you for taking mine away!!! For real, Thank you!. Melvis!!!

She’s obviously nasty, she now has an ass three times as wide as when he got her, he’s freaking out, I’m sure, but he married her, Ha Ha Ha! sucker! He married a slut, a fat assed slut. it’s so funny, I Bill almost can’t stop laughing at the two of them… it is so funny… I love it! They should make a movie, it is too funny. He’s stuck with this humongAss so much I really cant stop laughing! She got with him and just let everything go! lol lol Ha Ha Ha lol She lost all that weight to hook that stupid fish, and now he’s gotta be squirming… That’s what you get for cheating on either side! She wasn’t the only cheater, now he gets to pay, she on the other hand is happy as he works at Michelin now and brings in the fat dough to keep her fat ass fat!!! lol I can hear her now saying “Babe, we need ice cream!” lol

I love the irony! Enjoy your fate every one in the world!