False Rape Reporters need to Pay!

This just burns my, well ok, makes me mad! This woman that accused Strauss Kahn – Who might Could have been the next president of France – of raping her is found to be a flat out liar!!! I happen to have experience with this and I want to know why all the 10’s of thousands of dollars that he had to spend to put his family up here in new york while waiting because he was GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT isn’t charged to her. Why shouldn’t she work the rest of her life to pay that back? She should not only pay him back for all she caused, but also do the years in jail that he would have got if falsely found guilty, for lying about this false rape crap.

The only way we are going to stop women from doing this is to make them pay if it’s false. It’s not fair at all that men go to jail immediately when a woman just says with her lying mouth that a guy raped them… It will never stop and many, many men will pay falsely until we start making these lying women pay for it!!! Oh this burns me so bad and makes me so mad. Sometimes, not in this case, but a girl can claim rape just because they were caught out after dark, only to keep from getting in trouble with their parents while the guy does 6 dag gone months in jail, just so she don’t get yelled at!!!! Come on, really? When is this going to stop, Only when we start making these women pay for those lies!!! Women can just do this unimpeded and so, why not, maybe they can get money from a rich guy like Strauss! It’s just not right Come on United States lets get better than this!!!


We really need to stop this crap and maybe there are no laws against falsely accusing someone or maybe they aren’t strict enough but we really need to fix this, seriously, come on, it’s common freakin sense!!!!


PLEASE AMERICA stop this false madness!!!