Digital Movies

This is just Neat O! I love that you can purchase movies online now. If you have your computer hooked up to your entertainment system (TV), and “you should” these days, it is very intriguing! Look at this choice…


I can purchase this movie at $15.99 and be watching it within seconds and 50+ people can watch it at that price, you only have to pay once, that’s not bad at all. That’s just amazing to me. Once it starts, you click FULL SCREEN and then watch it on your TV. You really can’t beat that!!!

Definitely the future of movies, and who would have thought the DVD could be beat? I mean come on, you can’t beat that unless you go smaller I guess. How about small enough that you can’t even see it! Ones and zero’s, It’s just digital from the web!

Pretty dag gone neat! I, for one, like it!


Faster than light?

Scientists in Europe said they have clocked these neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light! (386,000+ miles per second) That is impossible according to Albert Einstein (Nothing is faster than light, and nothing can be, EVER! It’s impossible!)(Light is the ultimate speed limit!)(The things that happen to matter at the speed of light will not allow matter to go faster, it just can’t be) and if it is so, it will flip all physics completely on it’s head (if it had one) This just can’t be, nothing is faster than light, and I have to agree with my good pal AL. No way he missed anything…

And that then has to pose the question “Can a black hole take these in if they were passing by” As you know a Black Hole is such powerful gravity as to suck in even photons (light) (not even light can escape it) Well if these are faster, I have to wonder if they might escape a black hole??? hmmmm

Get busy Scientists, We are going to have a lot of questions about this!!!