Wonderful Children!

I ride my bike past My Son, Zack’s, house all the time. Just behind Zack’s is a little boy, I bet he’s half Gracie’s age. I saw him for the first time a long time ago. I said, “Hello there Boy, How are you today?” as I rode my bike past his House. and he is the nicest little boy, and he answered “Fine, How are You?” We only talked for the few seconds as I passed by quickly on my bike. He told me his name, and it is very Unique! Very Unique… And so when I rode back by, I felt so bad that I could not remember his name. He got right on that and told me his name again, and he said, “Now remember my name this time when you see me again! And I said, “I promise I will” and I tried every trick in the book short of writing it down to remember, but when I saw him again, I had to say “I am so sorry, it’s not because I don’t like you, I can’t remember my own Grand Babies names sometimes… If you tell me again, one of these times I will remember it…” and he is so cool and so patient, he said, “Well, here’s my name again, maybe you will remember it now?” and I was so touched! This boy has patience!!! And he wants to be my friend (As far as an old guy riding by now and then) I think it must be his grand parents house, it doesn’t seem like his, and he’s rarely there.

I went by today when I was going to Harry’s for groceries and I was so afraid I would see him because on the way I thought about him and I could not remember his name. He has the easiest name in the world, and I used all my thought powers to remember it, but I could not. I could only come up with Poison Ivy for a hint!!! I know it’s something to do with something like that, but I knew if I saw him, I would fail!!! I got lucky and he was not out there, but it just drove me Crazy!!! Finally on my way home  it hit me!!! I think now I will always remember his name. It only takes that one Big Time of ReCall until I always remember.

I now will always know his name, His name is Brier!!!

I tried to remember plants to recall Briers, and so thought of poison Ivy, wrongfully, but then finally got it and I remembered Brier. I used association but it didn’t work right off, but I think, finally did…

What a wonderful little boy that has made friends with this old man riding by on my bike! I bet anything he remembers as much as I do, and he has many more years to remember this!!! I wonder if he may tell his kids, “I remember this nice man that rode by on a bike all the time when I was just a little boy! He had the worse memory! lol Or walked his little dog named Sparky and He finally remembered my name!” and that is a hope of course that I get to see him again and impress him that I do remember his name! I haven’t remembered to him yet!!!

He’s just such a nice polite little boy he reminds me of my own grandchildren…