Sickening Thought of retarded Americans

OMG it really sickens me to think about the stupid Americans that enjoy Sick ass Wrestling. It is so fake that the ones that think it’s real, really make me sick to my stomach, but the ones that know it’s fake and yet consider it Entertainment, is almost more sickening! They can’t act for a half a second, OMG it’s like it is just made for sorry ass actors, that don’t mind buffing up and acting like freakin monkeys!!! They are so sickening, I don’t know or understand how so many people can be so freakin retarded!!!

It was even worse in my day, as to wonder how it got to this day and age. Back in my day there was a real sicko that chewed on sausage like a frekin freak in the ring, OMG!!! They haven’t eveolved much from there. Good Gosh they stand there and wait for the other person to slam them or hit them, OMG… It’s like you might as well have a big sign saying, “Don’t move, I am getting ready to jump on you, it’s my turn to win for a minute!”

You’d think they would require a small amount of acting skills but obviously they don’t care for any at all! Children could pull punches better!!! If you want Entertained, watch a movie, they have “actors” Jesus God don’t watch slobbering retards acting stupid!!! My God, let me lay on you for the count of two, then lift your shoulder, and we will continue the silly acting. You know I used to think these idiots were stupid, but then I realized, their not stupid, it’s the idiots that like this sicko crap that are the stupid ones. They are the ones paying these idiots to act worse than bad actor children!!!

I want to round up these idiots and try like hell to help them through this retardedness part of their pathetic lives! There’s got to be a way to help these idiots, I would think. It’s like a cult though, it is very hard to fix retards like this. They aren’t normal retards. Normal Retards are OK, they are just fine, these Retards are stupid retards, and hard to bring back to reality… If you believe this crap, you are really hard to bring back to reality. I wonder if there is a defect in their brains? There would almost have to be to like this nasty fake childish, (No, that is dogging children) CRAP!!!

They are so slow to fake act, it is obvious to the most retarded person, yet we have people that pay to see this sick Bad Acting? Jesus Christ this is sick shit! I’ll hurt and almost die for 10 minutes, then I will get a burst of magic energy after my head was ripped off, and then I will beat you for a while, and you stagger half dead, And these idiots will pay to watch this shit!!! Could you imagine being an announcer, sickenly holloring like it is real “Jimmy Bob, has Joe Johnson staggering!!!” Oh My God, Now Joe Johnson has him half dead! OMG, I would loose my lunch!

I notice as a psychiatrists View, they seam to simply want to hold big Strong Sweaty Men in several provocative positions, and some of them even go so far as to where a leather mask with their leather undies? I am not trying to suggest anything, but I bet you can take your own view of what I am saying. Oh My God, He’s got him from behind again!!! Hmmmm? Nasty hairy weirdo’s OMG It is sickening!

Even the promoters are fake crap bad actors! Jesus Crist! They even try to act and cant! Wow, you people pay for that crap?????? Shame on you…