Insane World!

This world has went insane! I used to go into a bar with my dad when I was a kid. I think I turned out Ok, but I can understand that might be a bit much, but for some reason  this world has turned upside down! I am Injured and walk with a cane now.

My Grand Child is not allowed to carry¬†My beer from the store to the car for me, as a cripple! I don’t know if it is the Law or Society, but it is down right Wrong and Stupid! Do they think the Tween will get drunk from touching the Card board box?

How in the world do we let our children carry a 12 pack of Soda? Will they get FAT touching that card board?

It’s just STUPID Policlal STUPID! There is no rhyme or reason for that! Somewhere some how it has gotten to where a grandchild cant help a crippled grandparent! This is the world gone insane that we live in today!

This world has really got too stupid for me. It is really sad where we are today! It’s only understandable that my two boys wish they grew up when I did. Come on people, Really? REALLY?

OMGosh People We are better than this!